Master Kwon's Hapkido Martial Arts School

International Daemoo Hapkido
Martial Art Association


Senior Grand Master Tae M. Kwon
10th Degree Black Belt
Hapkido Martial Arts School

Hype Studios : Studio 2 - Dream

1951 W. Carson Street
Torrance, CA 90501

Established 1964

Serving the South Bay since 1974


Grand Master Tae M. Kwon
Grand Master Tae M. Kwon

Hap-Ki-Do (HKD) – The Way (Do) of Coordinated (Hap) Internal Strength (Ki)

Hapkido is one of the most complete martial arts, and Master Kwon's Hapkido School provides you with the most authentic and traditional training you can find.

All instructors have been tested and certified by Grandmaster Kwon

Focused training such as Grappling, Sparring, and a Demo Team.
Anti-Bully Classes, Movie Night, and other events open to the community.

  • Private lessons and Special Weapons training

Available Monday thru Saturday by appointment


Moving to new location, 2016!

Grand Master Kwon is moving his school to a New Location after this month's test (Saturday April 9th)!

Annual Picnic, 2015 (now with pictures)

It's picnic time again, Saturday, June 27th, at Wilson Park.
Here's the photo album on our FaceBook page.

GrandMaster Kwon's 40th Anniversary, 10/16/2014

Come join us for a Celebratory Dinner honoring the life and contributions of Grandmaster Tae M. Kwon for his work for more than 40 years shaping lives in Southern California.

Picnic 2014 Photos

Check out the photos from the annual picnic on our Facebook page.

Beach day! 2014

Join us for our annual beach party Sunday July 27th, 2014.

Annual Picnic, 2014

Remember, studio picnic Saturday July 28th!

Bully Prevention Clinic, Oct 2013

Bully Prevention Clinic Sign-up Form. See the Flyer for details.

Demo Team 2013 Photos

Photos from the 2013 Demo Team Open - click here (pictures provided by K.A. Gilligan Photography)

Summer Self-Defense Camp, May 2013

Free Summer Self-Defense Camp Special offer for TUSD students.
See the Flyer for details. Use the on-line Registration Form to sign up.

Grandmaster Kwon Interview

"Hapkido: Traditions, Philosophy Technique" by Marc Tedeschi, includes an interview with Grand Master Kwon.