Classes & Programs


Training Description

We offer a variety of classes, suitable for adults, kids, women and families. Classes are held in a structured environment led by certified instructors, where each student gets personalized training for their techniques.


Curriculum (Gups)

Students start at white belt and learn techniques which form the basis for their initial skills in Hapkido. Techniques for each belt builds upon the last, adding new skills while incorporating combinations of the previous belt techniques in a continuing progression. Building confidence while focusing on capabilities.


Class Schedule

Our school is open Monday through Saturday providing classes to met your schedule tailored for youths, adults, and classes for all ages. We also have open mat practice and private lessons.  Finally we have monthly Friday night movies.


Events & Programs

In addition to our regular classes we offer special programs and events which provide additional opportunities for students to learn sparing and grappling, participate in demonstrations, and community support events such as bully prevention.