What is Hapkido

Belt Flip

Hapkido is one of the most complete martial arts.  Hapkido is a combat martial art which emphasizes practical self defense with the hard and soft techniques of disciplines such as TaeKwonDo, Akido, Jiu-Jitsu, and Judo.

Hapkido is a kicking and punching martial art, very much like other karate styles; but, Hapkido also teaches:

  • • How to overcome a heavier opponent
  • • Joint locks, holds and take downs
  • • Flipping and throwing
  • • Disabling an opponent with pressure points
  • • Empty hand defense against a weapons attack
  • • Weapons against weapons


Roundhouse Kick Annimation
Hapkido, which is one of the youngest of the Oriental Martial Arts, has been evolving in Korea over the past 600 years. This style draws upon many of the underlying techniques of the more traditional martial arts. Hapkido is a combination of judo, karate and aikido. A mixture which helps students achieve a true balance of action, mediation, speed and power. Students start with learning basic techniques (such as the round house kick as part of orange belt training), with emphasis on how to properly execute them. These basic techniques are revisited as combinations in later belts to refine the student's understanding, and to enhance their coordination.


Cane Throw
Hapkido is a balanced martial art and includes among its techniques many of the same kicks, punches and blocks common to many of the other martial arts. Hapkido extends further to include a wide variety of techniques to escape from holds and grabs, to avoid and evade attackers and to throw and control opponents. Many of these techniques require little strength to be effective and are therefore ideal for children, women and the elderly. Weapon techniques (both offensive and defensive) are added as students progress though their training.


Punch Throw w/ Kick
Hapkido's emphasis on real life situations has made this style popular among armed forces world wide. At the same time, it gives youngsters a way to protect themselves and cultivates within each pupil a sense of discipline and respect. It is self-defense, not a sport like other techniques. The principles of Hapkido(water, circular, sum) emphasize using the opponents aggression to your advantage.