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Introducing JukDo (Bamboo Sword)

Basic Training for Lower Belt Levels

Beginning December 1st, 2011, we will be introducing optional basic JukDo (Bamboo Sword) training for all lower belt levels. JukDo was previously only taught after a student became a black belt, however, we have now decided to begin training the lower division belts in this art for the first time for a couple different reasons…

  1. The JukDo is one of the most important of the "Traditional Weapons" in the art of Hapkido.
  2. The JukDo is considered an advanced weapon and therefore relatively difficult to learn and master. We hope that by introducing JukDo basics to students early on, that they will gain a measure of comfort and familiarity through experience with it, and therefore be better prepared for the more advanced techniques and training they will receive after attaining their black belt.
  3. This also offers a challenging new opportunity for students that have already demonstrated a good skill level and understanding of the JangBong (Long Staff), as well as a way for students to rotate different methods of training into their current program, if desired.

This basic JukDo training (for all belt levels before black) is completely optional and is not a required part of your lessons, nor will it be included on the belt advancement tests. Any student not interested in the basic JukDo program, will continue to learn and practice the JangBong as they are doing now.

Basic JukDo program requirements:

  • Students 13 years old & younger are required to wear protective headgear and hand-protection (such as MACHO style sparring gloves).
  • If interested in participating, please place the order for your JukDo as soon as possible, due to the lead-time necessary for individually sized special orders. JukDos can be purchased starting at $25.00 each. We will begin taking orders November 21st.
  • JukDos must be brought in & taken home after each practice session. They should not be left at the Studio. If you forget to bring your JukDo to class, you can still practice the JangBong.

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