The Way of Cosmic Life Energy

In class we all participate in dungeon breathing. Kigong-Buhp is an extension of dungeon breathing and helps you start the day with a store of energy and balance. Start practicing a few with the help of your instructor.


1. Starting and adjustment

Breathing Control - Start in horse stance.  Arms straight down in front of legs, palms down.  Lift arms from legs to straight out in front to shoulder height.  Inhale while doing this.  Lower arms back down, bending knees slightly, while exhaling.


2. Widely stretching the chest

Open Chest - Start in horse stance.  Arms down, hands at side.  Raise arms straight in front to shoulder height.  Inhale while doing this.  Spread arms wide at shoulder height.  Bring back in front and down to legs while exhaling.


3. Brandishing the rainbow

Rainbow - Raise arms over head, palm facing each other.  Bend down to side while inhaling.  Raise arms back over head while exhaling.  Go down to opposite side.


4. Revolving the arms, as if parting the clouds

Open Cloud - Hands with palms facing inward.  Cross hands in front of body and lift with palms up and out overhead.  Cross hands down while bending knees.


5. Keeping feet fix on ground and rotating the hip

Train - One arm up to head, palm facing forward. other palm pushes out to full extension while exhaling.  Turn palm up on outstretched hand and rotate hand out to the same side while inhaling.  Bend elbow to bring palm up to side of face, and push out other hand.


6. Rowing a boat in the middle of the lake

Rowboat - Arms straight, bring hands up behind body and overhead while inhaling, then begin exhale while bringing them straight down in front. Six repetitions with straight lop and bending body over.  Then do six repetitions body straight up and down and bending knees.


7. Lifting a ball in front of the shoulders

Ball Up - Lift one straight arm with palm up in front of body to opposite side, inhaling.  Then turn it palm down and lower it while exhaling.  Slight bend in knees.


8. Rotating the body to look at the moon

Look at Moon - Bring arms up side until arms point straight into air on one side, face pointing to side and up and inhale while lifting.  Exhale while dropping arms and then switch sides./dd>


9. Turning the waist and pushing out the palm

Push/Pull - Start in horse stance.  Push with one hand, palm out, while exhaling.  Pull with hand, palm toward you and hand up, while inhaling.  Repeat other side.


10. Taking the horse step, with hands like clouds

Yin/Yang - One arm out in front, wrist crooked back, other wrist bent with hand pointing at crooked hand.  Twist body to side.  Crooked hand goes straight and pulled back in, while pointing hand drops and comes up in front crooked position.  Twist body to other side and repeat.  Exhale while twisting body.


11. Reaching into the ocean, then gazing into the sky

Look at Sky - Walking stance, both hands touch ground in front.  Pull them together to cross in front and come up over head while inhaling.  Then drop them back down while exhaling.  Repeat with other foot forward.


12. Pushing the waves forward

Wave - Walking stance, push with both hands. palms forward and exhale, pull both hands, with palms up while inhaling.


13. Stretching arms as if a flying pigeon

Dove - Step in bringing arms up in front hands facing, stretch arms out to side while inhaling.  Exhale while bringing together and down.


14. Reaching out the arm and punching

Single Punch - Horse stance slow single punch, exhale and bend knees while punching, inhale and straighten up while puffing.


15. Flying like a seagull

Seagull Flying - Home stance, lift arms from sides to extend out parallel to shoulders (palms down) while inhaling.  Lower arms to sides (palms down) while exhaling.


16. Rotating like a flywheel

Body Rotation - Horse stance, rotate body at the waist (like body rotation stretch) inhale while coming up, exhale while going down.  Do three circles to each side and then reverse direction.


17. Stepping in the same place and dribbling the ball

Ball Down - Lift arm, palm up to shoulder height. At same time, lift opposite side knee while breathing in. Lower both at "me time while exhaling. Repeat on other side.


18. Push palms downward and relax

Lifting Technique - Lift arms as if lifting an object, breathing in.  Lower arms while exhaling.



    • Rub hands together and wipe up face and backwards over top side of head while inhaling.
    • Circle down while exhaling around jaw and off chin.
    • Hands and movement held as if praying with the fingertips touching the chin.

Facial Techniques

    • Around eyes with top of index finger, left up and down right.  Switch hands and do other side. 
    • Circle bridge of nose, around forehead, and under chin.  Switch hands. 
    • Around face and ear, end switch hands.