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Marc Tedeschi Hapkido : Traditions, Philosophy, Technique, by Marc Tedeschi
Hardcover - 1136 pages (November 2000)

Comments: Comprehensively documents the traditions, philosophy, and techniques of Hapkido.  More than 9000 photographs introduce over 2000 martial techniques, including strikes, kicks, blocks, avoiding movements, holds, joint locks, chokes, throws, falls, tumbling, ground fighting, and weapons.  Contains an interview with Master Kwon.  Visit the book's web site for more details.


Bong Soo Han Hapkido Korean Art of Self-Defense, by Bong Soo Han
Paperback (December 1974)

Comments: Good introduction to Hapkido by one who helped bring it to the United States.  Emphasis on warm-ups and basic techniques.


Master Choe, et al Hap Ki Do : The Korean Martial Art of Self Defense, by Master Choe et al
Paperback - 157 pages  (May 1998)

Comments: Lots of pictures illustrating many techniques.  Emphasis on some of the more advanced moves and combinations.


Hui Son Choe Practical Hapkido Textbook, by Master Hui Son Choe
Textbook Binding - 255 pages (May 1, 1999)

Comments: Korean and English text.  More extensive than Choe's previous book on Hapkido. Lots of pictures illustrating many techniques.  Intended as a guide for a black belt course.


Scott Shaw Hapkido : Korean Art of Self-Defense, by Scott Shaw
Paperback - 96 pages  (April 1997)

Comments: Good history of Hapkido.  Covers many intermediate techniques.