Mar 20, 2020

COVID-19: Suspending Services and Moving to the Web

We have suspended the training at GMK's Hapkido School due to the COVID-19 pandemic and California Governor Newsom's stay at home order. Please study at home and contact your instructor for “Remote Home Study Program” information.

Category: Current Students
Posted by: Master Evans

Hapkido Family,

At this time, we have suspended the training at the Hapkido School. For those of you who did not have a chance to come to the School to pick up a Program Training Sheet, please email back so that we can send one to you.

As Hapkido Students, we have all had the good fortune of learning our Art Form from one of the Greatest Martial Arts teachers of our time, Senior Grand Master Kwon. And Grand Master Kwon, always asked his student to “just take 15 minutes a day at home to practice your techniques”.

And now with so many past and current Hapkido students studying and working from home, it is time to follow Grand Master Kwon’s advice and practice your techniques every day at home. Even though families will be staying at home together at least till May 4 (per LA County Office of Education), it is also important that everyone stay active to keep up our wellness.

We are asking students to start reviewing your Hapkido techniques starting from White belt program, no matter how long ago you learned the white belt techniques.

You should also share what you have learned and start to teach your family members that are not training in Hapkido.

In order to assist with this “Remote Home Study Program” we will be asking our Masters to follow up with “Distant Training Assistance,” to take you through the concepts of the techniques. To enhance your efforts to train remotely, Grand Master Kwon has graciously allowed access to his private Kwon Family White Belt Training Video.

If you are interested in participating in the “Remote Home Study Program,” we simply request that you email us back and you will be sent the link information to Grand Master Kwon’s White Belt Program Training Video.

Once the worst of this COVID-19 has passed, and we can once more gather in person, the Masters have agreed, to both review and fine tune the training that you have been providing to your family members.

We wish you all good health, and safety, and we hope that everyone takes this time to enjoy reviewing and teaching what you have learned.

Thank you,
Earl Evans