Grand Master Kwon's Hapkido School

Apr 19, 2021

Limited Reopening!

We would like to welcome back students for our limited reopening.
Category: Current Students
Posted by: Master Evans

The month of March marked a milestone in our return to Hapkido Training. With all K-12 schools opened, along with the return to youth sports and combined with the CDC limits on reopening indoor activities, we have restarted a limited number of classes for both training and conditioning.

With all Instructors vaccinated and our ability to follow the Covid-19 safety protocols, we would like to welcome back students. We are open on Wednesdays and Saturdays and hope to resume classes on Mondays, once the demand from our students grow.

We are also requiring a minimum of 1-day advanced notice of a student signing up for a class to allow our instructors to have notice to show up. If there are no students signed up one day prior to class, the class will be cancelled.