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Information for Current Students

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Test 466 - May 11th, 2013
Test 466 - May 11th, 2013

  • General Announcements

    • 05/29/13 - The 467th test is scheduled for Saturday, June 8th @ 1:00 PM
    • 05/29/13 - 466th Test Results from Saturday, May 11th
    • 05/01/13 - School Closed for Memorial Day (Monday, May 27th)
    • 05/01/13 - Pizza & Movie Night (Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl), Friday May 17th @ 6pm-9pm
    • 05/01/13 - Demo Team starting (Friday, May 17th)
    • 04/09/13 - Pizza & Movie Night (Monty Python and the Holy Grail), Friday April 12th @ 6pm-9pm
    • 04/09/13 - 465th Test Results from Saturday, April 6th
    • 03/13/13 - 464th Test Results from Saturday, March 9th
    • 03/04/13 - Sign up for Sparing Class, Tuesdays at 5pm starting March 19th and running for four weeks
    • 03/04/13 - 463rd Test Results from Saturday, February 9th
    • 01/31/13 - School Closed for President's Day (Monday, February 18th)
    • 01/31/13 - 462nd Test Results from Saturday, January 12th
    • 01/08/13 - School Closed for Martin Luther King Day (Monday, January 21st)
    • 01/08/13 - 461st Test Results from Saturday, December 8th

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  • School Rules & Guidelines - All Students Please Read

    • Korean Counting and Frequently Used Terms,
    • Discipline and Formalities,
    • Sparring Rules & Required Equipment,
    • Testing Requirements

  • Technique Information

    In class we all participate in dungeon breathing.  Kigong-Buhp (The Way of Cosmic Life Energy) is an extension of dungeon breathing and helps you start the day with a store of energy and balance. Start practicing a few with the help of your instructor.

    • Breathing Exercises: The eighteen modules of Kigong-Buhp
      1. Starting and adjustment
      2. Widely stretching the chest
      3. Brandishing the rainbow
      4. Revolving the arms, as if parting the clouds
      5. Keeping feet fix on ground and rotating the hip
      6. Rowing a boat in the middle of the lake
      7. Lifting a ball in front of the shoulders
      8. Rotating the body to look at the moon
      9. Turning the waist and pushing out the palm
      10. Taking the horse step, with hands like clouds
      11. Reaching into the ocean, then gazing into the sky
      12. Pushing the waves forward
      13. Stretching arms as if a flying pigeon
      14. Reaching out the arm and punching
      15. Flying like a seagull
      16. Rotating like a flywheel
      17. Stepping in the same place and dribbling the ball
      18. Push palms downward and relax

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