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455th Test Results

Test 455 - June 9th, 2012

Judges: Grand Master Tae M. Kwon, Master Melvin Fountain, Master Eric Shuman, Master Dean Kwon, Mr. John Lee

The following people have passed test #455 (June 9th, 2012)

10th Grade, Yellow Belt Michael Kim
Dillon Winfield
9th Grade, Orange Belt Noah Rosato
Jorge Castaneda
Marco A Castaneda
Samuel Lea'ea
Alexander Hosino
Kathi Bolliger
8th Grade, Purple Belt Fuanuu Jr Lea'ea
7th Grade, Green Belt Khristine Samson
5th Grade, Brown Belt Brandon Wanta
4th Grade, Brown Belt 1st Stripe Anissa Lee
Amanda Lee
3rd Grade, Red Belt Morgan Farrier
Joel Farrier
First Degree, Black Belt (#167) Brian See
(#168) Samantha See
(#169) Joseph Coory

If you participated in this test and your name is NOT listed above, you did not pass test. 
Please see Master Kwon in private. You will be allowed to test after additional practice.

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