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Anti-Rape Seminar

Date: Sat, Nov. 17, 2001

Time: 12:30pm - 2:20pm

Place: Master Kwon's Hapkido Karate School

2849 Pacific Coast Highway
Torrnace, CA 90505
(310) 534-0023

(On Pacific Coast Highway and Rolling Hills Way 
near Chuck-E-Cheese, in the Town & Country Plaza.)


Come and join us at Master Kwon's Hapkido Karate school for a 2-hour instructional rape-defense seminar.  Learn a variety of simple, yet effective, techniques you can use to defend yourself or someone else.

Techniques such as basic kicks, strikes, body and garment grab escapes, easy takedowns, and the use of pressure point fighting will be taught.  Hapkido is a combat martial art designed for use against stronger, more powerful opponents.

Seminars will be fully instructed by 9th Degree Grand Master Kwon himself, who has studied Hapkido for over half a century and has been teaching here in the South Bay since 1974.

  - Seminar fee: $20
  - Wear any comfortable clothing

Master Kwon would like everyone interested in this seminar to attend.  So anyone with financial difficulties, please contact our school for more information.

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