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Oct 19, 2013

Bully Prevention Clinic, Oct 2013

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Grand Master Kwon's Hapkido - Bully Prevention Program:

     Our free one-day clinic offeres practical advice for bullying prevention.  We teach students how to protect themselves with practical and simple steps to avoid, resolve and manage bullying situations safely in school. Futhermore, we have now added a no-cost optional two-week suplemental course in self-defense for all studnets in our bully prevention program

Upcoming dates (All clinics 9am-11am):

  TUSD P.V. Private Schools
  Full-(Oct. 26th)  
Nov. 2nd
Nov. 16th
Nov. 23rd
Dec. 7th

Bully Prevention Clinic Sign-up Form (Click Here) 

See our Flyer for more details.