Grand Master Kwon's Hapkido School

Master Kwon’s Hapkido School offers the most authentic and highest quality Hapkido training.

10th Degree Senior-Grand Master Tae M. Kwon is one of the highest ranked Hapkido masters in the world. He has trained Hapkido for over half a century and has contributed many techniques to the development of the art of Hapkido. Master Kwon has been featured in numerous martial arts magazines and books and has graced the covers of Inside Karate, Karate Illustrated, and Inside Tae Kwon Do. See Master Kwon’s Wikipedia article.  Master Kwon is the president of the International Hapkido Daemoo Association.

Master Kwon has taught Hapkido in the Southbay since 1974. He became a master and started teaching in Korea in 1964. All classes are lead by highly trained and officially certified instructors. Every technique is individually taught to each student by Master Kwon and his instructors.

We provide a safe and controlled environment that promotes goodwill, discipline and camaraderie. Our school has a large training area with clean, sanitized, mats. Fitness and work-out gym with equipment such as kettle bells, weights and dumbbells, resistance bands, exercise balls, etc.

What is Hapkido?

Hapkido is one of the most complete martial arts. Hapkido is a combat martial art which emphasizes practical self defense with the hard and soft techniques similar to other disciplines such as TaeKwonDo, Akido, Jiu-Jitsu, and Judo.

Classes available

  • Children’s classes – A fun and active class focused on teaching discipline, respect, and self-esteem as well as proper form and technique.
  • Adult classes – A more intense class focused on the development and refinement of technique and the practical, effective, utilization of technique.
  • Family classes– An intermediate intensity class for both children and adults providing families with the opportunity to bond while training and encouraging each other.
  • Private Lessons – Private one-on-one lessons instructed by Master Kwon or his instructors are available. Lessons can focus on belt curriculum techniques, advanced techniques, or weapons training. Private in-home lessons also available.

Hapkido teaches:

  • • How to overcome a heavier opponent
  • • Joint locks, holds and take downs
  • • Flipping and throwing
  • • Disabling an opponent with pressure points
  • • Empty hand defense against a weapons attack
  • • Weapons against weapons

Learn Techniques Including:

  • • Striking · Kicking · Breaking
  • • Throws · Sweeps · Joint locks · Grappling
  • • Pressure points · Submission holds
  • • Stretching · Ki Exercises 

Weapons training:

  • • Nunchuck · Knife · Baton · PR-24 Police Baton 
  • • Bo Staff · Short Stick · Bamboo Sword
  • • Cane · Rope · Bokken · Sai · Kubotan