Team Programs

In addition to classes for adults, kidsfamilies and private lessons, we also offer many different team activities for our members.

[ Demo Team | Grappling Team | Sparing Team ]

Demo Team

Traditionally, a Demonstration Team consists of only the very top students who show great ability, remarkable endurance, and an undying passion for the art of Hapkido, both in mind and spirit.

They represent themselves proudly and honorably in the art of Hapkido and as a student & representative of Grand Master Kwon’s Hapkido Martial Arts School.

The students you see here are of an elite and honored class. Each Demo Team Program consists of 12 hard weeks of training, and is a completely separate program than their basic belt training.

The formation and growth of this team is, and will be, an on-going process, and they are the students of Master Kwon, who we believe possess all of the attributes that we hold dear to the beliefs and mission of our school.

We encourage all of our students to consider being a part of this great program and strive to obtain this new level of achievement in the pursuit of reaching a higher degree of proficiency & skill in such a challenging endeavor.

Grappling Team

Available to current students of all ages and belts levels. Students must make the commitment to attending all classes. No special gear required, however grappling gloves and a heavy-weight or judo gi are strongly encouraged.

The program includes the following:

  • • Training on throws and take downs as well as defense from being taken to a ground position
  • • Common ground position joint-locks and submissions
  • • Developing a familiarity and confidence with being in ground positions
  • • Hapkido based defense and counter-attacks against grappling techniques
  • • Skills based test at the end of course
  • • Upon completion of the course, a grappling team certificate and patch

12-week course / Tuesdays from 5pm-6pm
Open practices Fridays 5pm-6pm

Sparing Team

Periodically we hold training for our Sparring Team. This is an 8 week course, held every Tuesday evening at 5 pm, and led by Master Bryan Fried. This course is designed to teach the student the fundamentals of Sparring, the application of fighting skills and an understanding of what works in different situations in a safe and controlled environment. Sparring gear is a MUST - mouth guard, gloves, foot protection, and groin cup (for males only), are required for this class. We will teach, review, and practice all aspects of sparring techniques and application. You do NOT need any prior experience or skills to take this class and all belt levels are welcome. Please remember, none of us are born with these skills, we must be taught and trained to learn them. We have created this class in order to provide a safe place to learn and practice them.